Ordering Plants

As a commercial grower, it is important that you are satisfied with the varieties that are on offer.

After you have looked at the varieties shown on our web site, we offer several options to enable you to look at these varieties under your conditions.

1. Visit our rose variety trial greenhouse at Rosevears near Launceston in northern Tasmania.Day trips from Melbourne are possible.

2. Order a technical trial of 12 plants which are shipped via Australia Post Express service. (Plants are propagated in sterile perlite vermiculite mix, and loose packed in a sealed plastic bag in an Australia Post box - planting in your greenhouse requires good management, so the tender small plants transition with minimum stress)

Technical trials last for 12 months and require a licence be signed.

3. Order sufficient plants for a small commercial planting in your greenhouse, (1 bed) - this enables you to move quickly and have a small supply of flowers to show your customers before going to a larger commercial planting.

Plants for trials are propagated by SMA or Australian Roses.

Plants for commercial plantings are propagated by SMA or Australian Roses.

Plants are available from Australian Roses as either own root cuttings, or on Natal Briar root stock.

All commercial plantings require a licence be signed and royalties paid. An Invoice for Royalties will be issued by SMA.

The cost of propagation is invoiced independently by the propagator.

We have introduced some interesting new varieties in order that Australian commercial rose growers are able to differentiate their product from the majority of the cheaply produced, imported, and poorly handled rose flowers.

If you would like to discuss these new and interesting varieties and how to obtain plants,pleasecontact -


P: 03 63301147 (Office)

M: 0417 308976 (Andrew)

E: admin@meilland.com.au

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